2019 Winter Retreat

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February 15-17, 2019

| for all High School Students and their friends

This is your opportunity to take a break for a bit and invest in your soul. Set down your school books, put away your cell phone, say goodbye to the parents, and come retreat with us for pizza, games, giveaways, learning, worship, and rest. 

The theme for this year is “SUMMIT". God regularly met with his people on mountains. He revealed himself, his law, his gospel, his love and hope on mountains. While we might meet with him there, he sends us back to the valley. We’ll look at what it means to meet with God and how we can do that more (and better) each day of our lives at home, school, and all the extra stuff we engage.

We are traveling to Butler Springs Camp Friday afternoon (drop off at church at 4:30 pm), returning to church Sunday afternoon (pick up at 12:00 pm).

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A time to meet with God…

In the Bible, several monumental events happened on mountains: Abraham and Isaac, Moses and the burning bush, the presentation of the Ten Commandments, Jesus shows his glory to his disciples, and Jesus’ death on a cross. God met people on mountains, but they lived day to day in the valleys. Feb 15-17, we’ll explore what it means to meet with God and how we can do that day after day, week after week. We want to focus on our awareness of the presence of God and responding in faith in the regular every day moments.

  • How do we grow in our understanding and dependence on God?

  • How can we stay encouraged in our spiritual lives?

  • How can we stay “close” to God as we live life in the normal everyday moments?

Sessions during the weekend…

  • Session One: Preparing to ascend the mountain | As we prepare to meet with God, where is our heart, what burdens do we carry, with what attitude do we approach God?  How has he invited us to come to meet with him on this mountain?

  • Session Two: The view from the top | What do we see from the top?  What do we see clearly?  How do we view God?  How does the view change from the foot of the mountain to being on the mountain?  What does God communicate to us on this mountain?

  • Session Three: Descending into the valley | What will you remember about the trip to the mountain, to the presence of God?  What will you take with you to remind you of the lessons you have learned?  How will life be different as we descend back into the valley of "regular" life?

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