Sunday School | Term 4 

As a church we must be intentionally and systematically teaching, training, modeling the gospel (the good news of Jesus Christ's work on the cross to save sinners and bring God glory). It is the vision of our church "to present everyone mature in Christ." 

The purpose of Sunday School is to provide an opportunity on Sunday morning for men, women and children to meet and to hear of God's plan of salvation and to deepen their understanding of God's Word. Classes are open to anyone who wants to know more about God and his activity in the world and in the lives of people. Classes are offered for 7-8 weeks at a time, and can be wonderful opportunities to grow in faith and to meet other Christ-followers. Links to sign up are provided below!

[Includes onsite Nursery Care, and Children's and Youth Sunday School Classes for all ages.]


Term 4 Classes: March 18 - May 13 at 9:00 am

Christian Witness in a Culture of Conflict | Dave Strausbaugh, Room 301

America today is becoming more polarized along lines of party, ethnicity and gender. Public discourse is increasingly characterized by an ongoing “culture war.” Social media is defined more by “trolling” than “tweeting.” In a “culture of outrage” how should Christians conduct themselves and be agents of positive change This class seeks to create conversations in which “transformative Christian citizenship” is explored. Join us for this relevant and thought provoking study. 

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Keeping the Faith, 1 Timothy | Pastor Nate Conrad, Room 303

Left untended, most everything moves into disrepair. Dirt collects, soap scum builds up, gardens fill with weeds, and our bodies get squishier. Left untended, belief about God devolves into myths and wives tales, philosophies and speculations. Paul’s encouraging letter to the young pastor Timothy (and the church) is an admonishment to fight the good fight, to pursue truth, love godliness, and to keep the faith. Paul’s letter to Timothy is also a letter to us of how to protect and defend the faith and it is a motivation to hold fast to the faith. We together set our hope in the living God (4:10). 

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Sunday School Class Values and Structure

  • Four Terms per Year
  • 7 or 8 Week Classes
  • Gospel-centered
  • Community-oriented
  • Sign up Online
  • 1 hour class time
  • Highly interactive between participants and teacher
  • Around tables
  • Dedicated time for prayer