Sunday School | 2019-2020

As a church we must be intentionally and systematically teaching, training, modeling the gospel (the good news of Jesus Christ's work on the cross to save sinners and bring God glory). It is the vision of our church, as Colossians 1:28 says, "to present everyone mature in Christ."

The purpose of Sunday School is to provide an opportunity on Sunday morning for men, women and children to meet and to hear of God's plan of salvation and to deepen their understanding of God's Word. Classes are open to anyone who wants to know more about God and his activity in the world and in the lives of people. Classes are offered for 7-8 weeks at a time, and can be wonderful opportunities to grow in faith and to meet other Christ-followers. Class offerings and links to signup are provided below!

[The 9:00 AM hour includes onsite Nursery Care and Children's and age-oriented Youth Sunday School Classes for K-12. Contact Elizabeth Deakin for more information.]

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Term 1 Classes | September 8 — October 20 at 9:00 am

Sharing the Gospel | Patrick Lewis and Dylan Wright (Room 303)

We see gospel needs all around us, but often don't know where to start. Does evangelism still work? How can I possibly share in my workplace, family, and neighborhood when people seem so uninterested and skeptical? This class will provide field-tested biblical and creative insights to equip you to help people hear the good news about Jesus. 

Book recommendation - "Evangelism in a Skeptical World" Sam Chan. The book is not required, but will be a resource utilized in the class.

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A Call to Life in the World: Bonhoeffer | Rich Ugland (Room 301)

A picture of a German Protestant pastor graces the cover of the December 23, 1940 issue of Time magazine.  Along with this pastor’s portrait, two crosses are displayed: the cross of Christianity; and the “twisted cross” of Nazi Germany. The cover story depicts the struggle between the German Protestant churches and the Nazi German state. 

The class will focus on Bonhoeffer’s preaching and teaching while living a life of “costly grace” in the midst of evil. Beside that of Bonhoeffer, many “voices” from this not-too-distant time will provide context to help us appreciate how Christians living a life in the world can promote God’s Kingdom, even under the most trying circumstances. 

By the way, the pastor pictured on the Time cover is not Dietrich Bonhoeffer: to learn who it is, you will need to come to class! Class resources will be distributed. There is no required book. 

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What is the Gospel? | Greg Gilbert (at home study)

[Recommended Reading on your own] This is a book we invite you to consider on your own. We will not offer a class on this book, but commend it to you for your own study, or perhaps in your small group. This year, we seek to provide good reading that will help us as church focus our attention on the gospel and living it out in our community. As a church, we want to gather people to hear the gospel and we want to go out with the gospel into Dublin and our surrounding communities. 

You can order the book on your own from any online retailer. Some display copies will be available at the Welcome Desk for perusal.

Values and Structure | How classes look and feel

  • Four terms per year, 7 or 8 week classes, 1 hour class time

  • Highly interactive between participants and teacher, around tables, dedicated time for prayer

  • Gospel-centered, Community-oriented, Application-specific

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Education Opportunities | for Children through High School

Preschool (4yrs) - 3rd grade | We continue study with The Gospel Project

Sunday mornings we welcome families for age-appropriate education. Join us and bring the kids!

4th and 5th grade | We continue study with The Gospel Project

Join other students for a great time learning about God’s great love for people!

MS & HS Stillwater Sunday School | Topical Studies in the Bible

Students continue to learn and deepen their faith through studying how the gospel applies to tough questions.