Sunday School | Fall Term 1 begins September 3 at 9:00 am

[Includes onsite Nursery Care, and Children's and Youth Sunday School Classes for all ages.]

As a church we must be intentionally and systematically teaching, training, modeling the gospel (the good news of Jesus Christ's work on the cross to save sinners and bring God glory). It is the vision of our church "to present everyone mature in Christ." The purpose of Sunday School is to provide an opportunity on Sunday morning for men, women and children to meet and to hear of God's plan of salvation and to deepen their understanding of God's Word. Classes are open to anyone who wants to know more about God and his activity in the world and in the lives of people. Classes are offered for 7-8 weeks at a time, and can be wonderful opportunities to grow in faith and to meet other Christ-followers.

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Term 1 Classes: September 3 - October 15

Gospel-living in the Workplace | Lance Bowman with Steve Thompson, Room 301

Whether paid or unpaid, skilled or menial each of us longs to find meaning in what we do from day to day. Can the gospel really help us in our quest? The Gospel-Centered Life at Work invites CEOs and homeschooling parents, doctors and plumbers, white, blue and pink collar-workers to sit down and discuss our work as a common call to follow Jesus in all of life. Whether we struggle with complaining at work, defensiveness, fearing the future, frustration, or troubling ethical decisions work brings challenges to each of us that we cannot handle apart from Christ. The Gospel-Centered Life at Work shows us how to turn to Jesus in repentance and faith and to both work and rest in Him. 

The Gospel of John | Nate Conrad with Don Hughes, Room 207

The Apostle John desires that his readers have faith, and that by believing they will have life in the name of Jesus. All the accounts of interactions, all the teaching that was recorded in his gospel account were to this end. Participants will experience the intimacy of the Godhead, Father, Son and Spirit, and how God desires a restored relationship with people. The rich stories, miracles and theological teaching in his book will reveal this love that God has for people and his desire to make us his children. Consider with others the powerful work of Jesus in his life, death and resurrection in this encouraging book. 

“These [things] are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” John 20:31

Partnership Class | Dave Schutter with Nate Conrad, Room 303

Together, over six weeks (or for a Saturday morning), we invite you to explore what church membership looks like through exploring a New Testament letter written to one real, historic church. Like any church, this congregation had internal challenges and faced external pressures. But Paul, God’s servant who wrote the letter expected that the message of Jesus would revolutionize how these Christians responded to challenges and faced life together for the purpose of spreading the good news about Jesus. This class is open to anyone interested in learning more about NPC's ministry. Opportunities to discuss joining NPC as members will be arranged at the end of this class.

Quick Look | Class Structure

  • 7 or 8 Week Classes
  • Sign up Online
  • 1 hour class time
  • Highly interactive between participants and teacher
  • Around tables
  • Dedicated time for prayer
  • Gospel-centered
  • Community-oriented