Studies In The Psalms

Our summer sermon series, Studies in the Psalms, is a continuation of the series we began last summer. The Psalms have been a part of Christian worship from the beginning. Synagogue worship included the reading, praying and singing of Psalms, and the practice naturally transitioned into the life of the church. The Psalms do more than teach us about God. They help us directly encounter God and give us the full range of emotional expression through which we relate to God. Christians would not know how to pray or sing praise without the Psalms, which is the essential prayer book of the Church. 

In addition to preaching this summer through Psalms, on Sundays we will sing through the Psalms being preached. A common practice in the church for most of its history, Psalm-singing has been largely neglected for some time. Our hope is that as we discover how the Psalms establish the patterns and basic grammar of all Christian worship, we will be enlightened, encouraged and changed in the gospel.




Posted on May 28, 2015 .