Good Friday | Why did Jesus Die? | John 17:1-5

“To the human eye, Friday was difficult and mournful, it was fearful. To Jesus, it was the day to bring glory to God and to be glorified. To the disciples and the followers of Jesus, Friday left the future in shambles, but to Jesus and the Father, the future was now secure, it was confident. To the human eye, Friday is a loss and is sadness, but to the Father and to Jesus it is victory over sin and death. It is disarming the rulers and authorities and putting them to open shame at the cross. On the surface the description is indeed discouraging, it’s heart wrenching and there is a desire for justice, something cries out inside of us, it shouldn’t be this way, there has to be another way. Why does Jesus have to die? In contrast to our thinking or what the world might think, this day is actually a very good day, it is certainly a Good Friday.”

Posted on March 25, 2016 .