Hospitality, Safety & Security

Hospitality–the act and art of welcoming outsiders and making them friends–is one mark of a growing Christian and a healthy church.


If you attend Sunday worship, you’ll benefit from the ministry of a team of people who prepare coffee, tea, snacks–and are ready to give a small gift to our new friends, including information about our ministries.

We use our facility to practice hospitality too. On Sundays, MP Church, a Spanish Language church, worships right after NPC’s service concludes. Capernaum, a special needs ministry of Young Life, also meets at NPC. Throughout the week Campus Outreach Columbus, AA, Al-Anon, and several counseling ministries meet on site alongside NPC ministries for every age and stage of life that serve hundreds of area families.

Even the safest of communities like Dublin aren’t immune to natural disasters, crime, or other threats to physical safety. Our Safety and Security Ministry helps insure the safety of our physical facility and the people who worship and work here.

Law enforcement, both current and retired, along with other security professionals, make up the core of the team. We augment the team with staff personnel, elders, deacons, and ushers who have received additional training. In 2018 this team has helped implement important upgrades to fire safety and other security systems.

You can be part of this team too. As the saying goes, it takes a village…which we will interpret as wanting every NPC member to be a part of the team by doing the following things:

  • Report any suspicious activity or behavior to a member of the Safety and Security Team.  

  • Contact a Safety and Security Team member to report any domestic situations that could endanger you or other NPC members. All information provided will be kept confidential.

  • Report any hazards that you observe, both inside and outside the NPC building, to a Safety and Security Team member.

Our Safety and Security Team is working together to keep everyone at NPC safe and our property secure so that we all may enjoy the opportunity to worship God without concern for our safety.  Won’t you help us?

To report any safety or security concerns, please contact any Safety and Security Team member or Coordinator Harry Trombitas at 614-563-1819.

Child Protection Policy

God speaks throughout his Word to highlight the dignity of children as well as the responsibility his people carry to steward his children in wisdom. Given this weighty task, at NPC we believe in:

  • Promoting healthy relationships between adults and children. 

  • Protecting children is every adult’s responsibility. 

  • Preventing abuse with training and accountability. 

  • Responding to abuse with boldness, compassion, and courage.

If you have questions about how we care for the children please click here to read about our policies and procedures. 

View our Child Protection Policy here.