Our Story

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The Gospel Changes Everything

The Gospel is God’s start-to-finish power at work to save us from sin, bring us into God's family, and grow us as His people. All of this work revolves around Jesus! Believing the gospel is where we start living the Christian life and it’s the reality that shapes how we live the Christian life. We're discovering every day how the Gospel changes everything.

As God’s servants in a broken world, we seek to live Christ’s grace and truth so that lives in Dublin and beyond may be transformed by His love. We live out this mission in small groups—what we call CGroups—where we encourage each other to live for Christ. Our mission comes to life in our homes and workplaces as we live for Christ with our family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. In fact, our mission comes to life whenever we serve our city, our nation and the world. 

For a useful introduction to the Gospel, take a look at "Two Ways To Live"