Orphan Care 

The Orphan Care Team is seeking to care for the orphan in Dublin and beyond through current partnerships with Adriel Foster Care and Adoption and Living Hope Ministries' fatherless children. 

Orphan Sunday 2016

Looking To Be Loved

Nancy Thorbahn shares her experiences working with at-risk children at a group home in West Liberty.

Hearing Their Voices

Pam Poach relates her heart as a court appointed special advocate to protect and care for neglected and hurting children.

Snowflake Babies

Paul and Sheri Hillesheim share their experience with embryo adoption.

Foster Care and Adoption

Want to educate yourself more about Orphan Care? Consider the following books:

  • Becoming Home | Jedd Medefind- A quick education on current day orphan care 

  • Orphan Justice | Johnny Carr- A variety of ways to engage orphan care today

  • Orphanology | Tony Merida & Rick Morton- Church basics on how to engage orphan care

  • The Connected Child | Karyn Pervis- For help with foster and adoptive children's attachment issues