Houston Relief Effort

Thank you for your generosity in supporting relief work in Houston. We were able to send more than $7,500.00 to MNA's Disaster Response to purchase 188 kits! Our goal was 150 kits by this weekend. Your generosity made that happen. 

If you would still like to give, please use this weblink to support our denomination's ongoing relief work.

Northwest Presbyterian Church is partnering with Mission to North America (MNA) to supply much needed relief to the Houston Metro Area. MNA is our denomination’s national effort to plant and develop healthy churches in North America. MNA has a Disaster Response Team that helps respond to local communities in times of need. 

This weekend’s hurricane is affecting thousands of families in the Houston area and we can help immediately. We have an opportunity as a church to directly support the relief work through the purchase of relief kits for affected families. Please consider responding to this need by purchasing one or more of the following kits through our website. Monies will be immediately directed to MNA’s Disaster Response. 

Relief Kits (click here for more information about kits)
Hygiene Kit, $13
Bedding Kit, $50
Cleanup Kit, $65

Thank you for your contribution to MNA's work to bring relief to the thousands of families in Houston. 

For the Kingdom, 
NPC's Elders and Deacons








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