Stillwater | High School

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Sunday nights | 6:00-8:00 pm at NPC (6400 Post Road) 

Stillwater is NPC's youth ministry program.  It exists to create space for students to gather together with adults to be engaged by the gospel of Jesus Christ, to be equipped to study his Word for themselves, to bond as a community, and to process life together.

Stillwater is our home for middle school and high school students, and includes weekly worship and study, discussion groups, serving the hurting and homeless, house parties, and life-changing summer road trips. For more information contact Pastor Drew Wilkins.

Featured Event:
Summer Retreat  |  The BEACH TRIP!

Join us for the 2017 Summer Beach Project, and claim your place in the midst of the epic road trips, sandcastle competitions, the 2nd Biennial Jorts Volleyball Championship Tournament, late night games, praise and worship, light houses, personal time in the Word, various shenanigans, and all the madness that comes along with a fantastic summer trip!  ...all with video evidence to prove it later.

  • Who: You & Stillwater's finest!
  • What: Everything awesome.
  • Where: The Outer Banks, NC
  • Cost: $450.00 USD.


Get the word on what's happening when as Stillwater rolls through volunteer opportunities, the weekly rhythms, unique events, and all the other madness that goes into the term.  Here's the basics:

Stillwater — Sundays, 6-8 PM, Jan. 15th - May 7th @ NPC (6400 Post Rd.).  Come hang out, play games, get to know one another, and worship together!  This is the place to get connected with the group and push your understanding of God's Word and your experience.  Over the Winter/Spring we'll be discussing Ephesians, with an eye towards our response to the great love with which he has loved us.

Breakfast & the Word — Tuesdays, 6:30-7:15 AM, Jan. 17th - May 2nd @ Starbucks (6540 Perimeter Dr.)  Good coffee, mediocre sandwiches, and the chance to keep yourself grounded in Scripture as you go through the week.  We’ll eat, read, talk, and pray together.  This is your life, live it well in Christ. 

Sunday School! — Sundays, 9 AM @ NPC Library.  Join us for bagels, OJ, and time to hang out and explore God’s Word.  During our first term we’ll be considering the issues, stories, and characters that have formed our faith with our series Doctrines, Confessions, & Dead Guys.  In our second term we’ll explore a selection of Psalms, considering various elements of worship and their relevance to everyday life in the modern experience.  

Feb. 5th — Super Bowl Party!  6 PM @ TBA.  Whether you're one to fanatically root for a team, keep track of all the details, and live and die according to each play, or one to just eat queso dip, laugh at commercials and play a few board games, come hang out with the Stillwater crew!  We'll compete in the epic Super Bowl Bingo Championship, and have enough snacks to give you a minor heart attack.  Grab a few friends and your junk food of choice, and come claim a seat of the couch.

Feb. 17-19 — The NOT-A-SKI-TRIP Winter Retreat! @ Cuyahoga Falls State Park, $115 per person.  A cozy & modernized home built in 1843, a (optional) late-night guided wilderness hike, a ginormous frozen waterfall, snowball fights, board games, bonfires, comfort food, evening group meetings, morning devotionals over a cup of coffee, and ZERO RISK OF BROKEN BONES.  Invite friends, and come to the Winter Retreat!

Mar. 5th — Solomon’s Porch! 6-8pm @ NPC!  You know those questions that you're just not sure you could ask?  Bring ‘em here.  Anonymously write down any question you want about life the universe, or anything, and just toss it in the Urn Of Questions.  We’ll pull them out, attempt to read your handwriting, and take a crack at answering it through the lens of Scripture.  And also there’s free pizza!  

Mar. 19th — Pathway To Purpose! 6-8pm @ NPC.  If we believe that God is working in this world and that he works through his people, then we have to believe that who we are and what we do extends beyond a “job,” and becomes a “Calling.”  Take this chance to hear from local professionals living out their Calling, and consider the Call God may have on you.  

Apr. 9th —  Scavenger Hunt!  6-8pm @ NPC.  Bring a team and compete for the prize!  We’ll scour our fair city of Dublin to collect photos, objects, and who know’s what else in order to outscore your competitors and claim the championship!  Stillwater leaders and/or parents will be driving with strict adherence to all civil and traffic laws…It’s always worth stating that one up front for this event!

May 7th —  End of Year Bonfire!  6-8pm @ NPC.  A big fire, S’mores galore, and good times spent playing games, reviewing the year, and taking time to reflect on how we've seen God working in and through us.  Don’t miss this chance to celebrate God’s work within the Stillwater crew!


SUMMER BEACH TRIP: July 17-22nd.
More details to come.



Come Pitch In!  

Don't worry, there's lots more to do beyond speaking up front or leading a discussion group!  In fact, there are about a dozen different volunteer roles (CLICK HERE) and needs that go into making Stillwater happen each term.  Whether your gifts equip you to assist with administration, help manage funds, lead games, offer a host home, or even just provide snacks, WE NEED YOU!  Click this link to see the various volunteer roles and the commitments that go along with them, and then consider prayerfully what might be a good fit for you.

We Need Snacks!