Church-Wide Child Protection Training



  • What: Church-Wide Child Protection Training

  • When: Saturday, August 26th, 9:00am-12:30pm.

  • Where: NPC Worship Center.

  • Who: Adults & Adolescents, Childcare Available.

  • Hungry?  Light Refreshments Provided.



It Takes A Village...

Cultivating an atmosphere of awareness and safety for our children takes intentionality, skill, and a community of informed caretakers.  Come join us to receive experienced training in the risks Churches face, the means to relegating them, and the gospel that carries us through them.  We'll work through:

1. Introduction to Child Abuse - Providing a basic background information about abuse and the need for effective child safeguarding within the churh.
2. Offenders in the Church - Why are churches "easy targets," learning common patterns to reduce these advantages, and creating awareness of risks.
3. When Faith Hurts - How abuse affects victims over the course of their life, the hope that the Gospel offers, & the responsibility to care for victims.
4. Minimizing Opportunities for Abuse - What we can do as a church to minimize opportunities and how wise policy an offset the risks.