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NPC Marriage Coaching | Registration is now CLOSED

This coming year (2018) we are excited to offer marriage coaching at NPC. We have 40 couples who have registered for time together. We are looking forward to serving the families of our church by creating a space where couples can have a focused time to invest in their marriages

For all couples, young or old, struggling or not, we will offer a year-long opportunity for couples to connect with one another and with other couples. This is not couples' counseling or group therapy. Instead of a weekend marriage retreat, couples will have dedicated time each quarter to intentionally enrich, protect, and grow their marriages by applying the grace of Christ.

Estimates show that Americans spend over $700/year on each child's activities (from sports, to band, to birthdays, to special events). Grace Marriage is a way to invest in your marriage through time, communication, and applying the gospel.

This investment in your marriage is 24 hours over the course of one year. You will meet with a group of couples one time every ninety days for a six-hour period. During these six hours, you will be refreshed by the grace of Christ, engage concepts and strategies, apply them to your marriage, talk with one another, and share insights (to the extent you are comfortable) with the group.

Each of the four Saturday sessions will include breakfast, lunch, snacks, and childcare. We want to remove any distractions that might keep you from focusing on your marriage. We will supply a host or hostess for the time as well, to help make the day enjoyable. 

Registration will be open Sunday, December 3, the cost for the year is $325/couple. The four Saturdays we will meet in 2018 are: Feb 24, May 5, Aug 25, and Nov 10. Questions can be directed to Nate Conrad.

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