Generosity From the Heart | From Mortgage to Mission

Generosity from the Heart is a church-wide effort to eliminate our mortgage in order to support NPC’s mission of being a transforming power in our culture. We want to be poised and ready for what God will do next in our neighborhoods. Eliminating our mortgage increases our capacities to respond effectively and efficiently in gospel-centered mission to the burgeoning Dublin and Columbus communities. Our financial goal in the coming 15 months is to completely eliminate our mortgage debt. This will free up thousands of dollars every month for ministry and mission. 

Beginning Feb 12, we will have a five part sermon series that focuses our attention on disciplines of the Christian life. These disciplines, or habits of the Christian life help us see the character of God and how we Christ is formed in us as we do them. The five habits are: prayer, mercy, generosity, hospitality and witness.

Click on the action words below for more information and to support the effort to eliminate our debt and to participate in the heart transformation that comes from generosity. 

LISTEN: Our pastors and members of the Generosity Team share our desire and plan to be "mortgage-free for mission" by May 2018. Hear about the vision, the plan for the effort, and available resources. 

LEARN: We are posting devotional thoughts with scripture on our Small Group Leader Website. We encourage each church attender to consider ten key words to guide our thoughts, discussion and prayer.

GIVE: We are so thankful for the faithful generosity of our membership. We invite all to engage in this exciting effort! To give online, please click "Give", or the tab below.

ASK: For more information, please email the team at: