Green Pastures Children's Ministry

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Green Pastures provides children and families with a loving, redemptive place to grow, learn and build community. We are discovering how to: 
- Know what God says about Himself, His people and His Word
Be changed, understanding who we are in Christ and becoming more like Jesus
Do good to others, serving our church and community.
We learn together in Sunday School, Children's Worship and in gathering events and service opportunities throughout the year.

Interested in volunteering in Children's Ministry? Let us know here.

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NPCA, Northwest Presbyterian Christian Academy, serves preschoolers and their families through academic and spiritual development beginning at age two. 

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VBS2017: Wildwood Forest!

This wondrous woodland environment sets the stage for an amazing adventure as kids learn about the uncontainable, incredible nature of God.

Young adventurers journeyed through a world filled with secret caves, special hideaways, and surprises around every bend as they discover that God's character and love go beyond their imagination-and can be revealed in exciting, unexpected ways.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered, contributed supplies, and prayed for the adventurers!

Resources for kids and families

We love discovering these wonderful ways to tell and understand God's story and our place in it.  A few finds are listed below; we also add books and fun ideas to our Pinterest boards regularly. 

Found: Psalm 23
by Sally Lloyd-Jones (author)
and Jago (illustrator)

The Radical Book for Kids
by Champ Thornton

The Ology
by Marty Machowski

The Biggest Story
by Kevin DeYoung
illustrated by Don Clark

The Bible Project  (website)
A great resource for older kids and parents looking for help explaining big concepts and Bible content.