A Word From Pastor Dave | October 2015

Sources for the True Perspective Series on Revelation

Studying to preach demands research, and research demands the integrity of identifying sources. Preaching and hearing a sermon are such that listening to a long stream of footnotes would be deadly. It goes without saying that none of the authors below will agree entirely with each other. In most cases good Study Bible notes are all you need to dig a little deeper into Revelation. If you wish to push further, here is a short list of sources I use with suggestions for how these resources could be useful to you.

Vern Poythress’ short study entitled The Returning King is a very helpful introduction to the main themes of Revelation. He provides a short commentary. This resource can be found as a free PDF on the author’s web site. If I wanted to dig a little deeper I’d start here. Dr Poythress is a very clear writer and the price is right!

Michael Wilcox’s Revelation commentary in the IVP “Bible Speaks Today” series is exactly the kind of helpful commentary a bible study, Sunday School or small group leader could work through.

Richard Bauckham’s short book The Theology of Revelation studies main themes in the book. This short book is more technical that Poythress’ work.

Greg Beale has written a large, technical commentary on Revelation and a “shorter” 500 page summary of that commentary. Each requires an investment of time and money. The shorter commentary would be helpful for working through some of the harder questions.

St. Helen’s Bishopsgate is an evangelical Anglican church in London. They offer Lee Gatiss’ study guide on Revelation as a free PDF under their “resource tab” at their web page. A simple Google trip will take you there.

Posted on October 8, 2015 .