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  • Mandatory Parents’ Meeting June 21st (Wednesday) @ 5pm. 
  • The Edge - June 23rd (Saturday) through June 27th (Wednesday).


The campus of Covenant College (, atop Lookout Mountain, GA.


YOU!  As well as about 20 other students & leaders from Stillwater!


A week of adventure atop Lookout Mountain, GA at Covenant College including: team challenges, competitions, white water rafting, hanging out, praise and worship, a themed dance party, small group discussions, Mr. T’s Pizza, mountainside slip’n’slide, color war, dodgeball tournament, and good stuff from God’s Word!  Not to mention all the ridiculous and goofy things that happen on road-trips, and the video evidence to prove it later.  Come be a part of the stories that will get told for years to come!


  • $450 total ($100 deposit due at registration, remaining $350 due June 21st).  This includes transportation, conference fees, leader expenses, and meals (except during travel).  
  • Money for meals while traveling (two meals, so $20ish total), and candy/snacks during camp ($20-$30 is recommended).
  • Scholarships are available!  Cost should not be the factor that keeps a student from attending (contact Drew Wilkins for details).


All the forms & info you could ever hope for:


Aaaah!  It's a "church thing" and requires a bathing suit?! 
Don't panic, and click HERE for NPC's guidelines on swimwear.