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     On March 9-10th we are going to have our Overnighter here at NPC!  This is a $20 cost event ($15 for laser tag, $5 for pizza), and is designed to offer a fun evening to hang out, welcome others in, play lots of games, and get not-quite-enough sleep.  Students are welcome to come join us for the whole event, or whatever portions fit with your schedule.  

     Drop off will be at 6PM on Friday evening at Coliseum X (100 Dillmont Dr.), and picked-up at 10AM sharp on Saturday morning at NPC.  Any early pick-ups will need to be arranged in advance.


When: Friday, Mar. 9th, 6:00pm — Saturday, Mar. 11th, 10am sharp.

Where: Drop off at Coliseum X (100 Dillmont Dr.), ickup at NPC.

  • Guys: sleeping at NPC.
  • Girls: sleeping at the Koehler's place (7100 Starkeys Ct.) 

What: Tactical laser tag, night games, pizza, too much dodgeball, devotionals, & a Big Ol’ Breakfast Feast!

Who: You, your friends, & Stillwater’s finest.

Cost: $5 per person & provision of one breakfast item.


Rough Schedule:

  6:00  —  Tactical Laser Tag @ Coliseum X (100 Dillmont Rd.)

  8:00  —  Pizza @ NPC, & leftover Solomon's Porch Questions!
                 (with gluten free options available)

  9:00  —  Gym games & night games

10:30  —  Goodbye to the Girls :(  (Head to Koehler home)

1:00-ish  —  Lights out!

  7:00  —  Wake up, clean up, set up, sit ups, & devotional

  8:30  —  Girls arrive back at NPC!  :D

  9:00  —  Big Breakfast Feast!

10:00  —  Student Pick-Up


Please Bring:

  - An actual Bible

  - Notebook & pen

  - Snacks!

  - Pillow & sleeping bag

  - Toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries